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Starter Set | from $25-$49 (30% OFF)

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Perfectly Groomed Neckline in One Set:

- 1 x Neck Forming Razor Strip
- 2 x Rubberized light weight detachable handles
- 1 x Breathable Travel Case
- 3/6 month and 1 year supply of razors available

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works great!!

I was very skeptical of the results, as were some of the guys at the office. Used it today and the results were great! Also very easy to use. The guys haven't bought it yet but I'm sure they will now. I can definitely see this catching on.

United States United States

Father's Day Gift

Got it as a Father’s Day gift. Slightly apprehensive at first (didn’t know if it would work). Nice to have, easy to use for an extra cleanup. Impressed with the responsiveness with a question I had.

Lamar T.
South Haven, MS South Haven, MS

Works as advertised

I absolutely did not think I needed this till I got and also did not think it would work. Now it’s necessity. Incorporated it into my shower routine. Works as advertised.

Chris F.
United States

Feel fresh

The box is really light, like surprisingly light. This was a gift and I actually did not know it existed until I opened it and had to even read the how to card to see what it did. I like a fresh feel and gave it a shot right away. I had not watched the how to video until after and still got it right.

United States


This looked like a throw away gift when my wife gave it to me last week. Wrong. I always like my neck fresh shaved so I just gave it a shot since I was getting a haircut in a few days anyway. I figured if I messed up the barber would fix it. Really hard to mess up with this. Felt where my hairline was, put it below, leveled in the mirror…and swiped. Just like the said in the tutorial. Very satisfied.

United States United States

Saves money

This will save you money on haircuts guaranteed. My neck shave is $15 and haircut is $27 where I go. The neck shave is now basically nothing and I probably extend the haircuts another week. Gotta say I did NOT think this would work.

Patrick B.
United States

Satisfying each time

Shipped quick and followed the video step for step. This helped since I had some doubts about it working being pretty particular about my grooming. The results are as good as they come. I have taken pics on 6/7 different uses now and they have been consistently satisfying each time.

Pete S.
United States

Starter Set

The package arrived on time and in excellent condition. I haven't had a chance to use the product yet at the time of this review.

Matthew R.
United States United States

Great concept

This item was a gift. The idea/concept is great, especially for those guys who don't have someone in their life willing and able to trim their neck two or three times between haircuts. However, it's not quite as easy as it looks. After two full uses and multiple different angles and attempts, I have still not found a way to shave a consistent straight line, so I have to go back over it for touch up work, which kind of defeats the purpose of this product in a way. It's still quicker than shaving your neck with a regular razor, and safer than using an electric trimmer back there. The four star rating is because it's a great idea, comes with several replacement razors, and does do a good job shaving smooth. The two biggest drawbacks that I haven't figured out how to overcome are that since there are three different razors being used at once, there are gaps between them. It's impossible to shave it all in one swipe. You have to shave, then readjust to the right and to the left. Accurately placing the razors on the exact same line three times is very difficult when you can't see what you're doing back there and only going by feel. The other issue is that the razors have the skin guard or lubricating strip or something at the top, creating a space from the top razor blade to the top of the actual cartridge. That makes it tough to tell exactly where the razor will "set the line" of shaving when what you're touching/feeling is the top of the cartridge, not the blade itself. Honestly, not quite sure what can be done to fix these in the production process, but I'm hoping the company can figure something out and takes this review as constructive criticism to help them improve a great idea! I would still recommend the product, especially to someone willing to be patient and take the time to use it properly. Give it a shot and see if you can make it work for you!

Carolyn G.
United States United States

Great company with a great product

Easy to use and works exactly as described.

Jennifer M.
United States United States

It works!

I’m still getting the hang of it but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and has given me new mileage on my haircut. I also like the packaging and accessories. Thanks!

William R.
United States United States

Great product

Finally a product that trims the back of my neck without all the cuts.

Gene K.
United States United States