3 Razor Cartridges

Super convenient and comfortable neck-forming razor strip made of up 3 premium quality, ultra-durable blades.

3 Swedish Blades with Aloe Vera Strips

Each razor has 3 Swedish blades with gentle aloe vera strips to provide an ultra-close shave without irritation, burning or redness.

2 Detachable Reusable Soft Rubber Handles

Maximum control for a perfectly even, professional-grade shave every time. Made of recycled plastic.

Anti-Microbial Breathable Travel Case

Designed to fit in any men's toiletry bag. Just detach the handles. Made with air vents and naturally bacteria-resistant recyclable plastic so you can take your LVL shaver anywhere you go.

Prep Your Skin for the Closest Shave Ever

LVL Shave Co. neck shaving lotion and after shave treatment; rich creamy lather lifts neck hair for an exceptionally close and perfectly clean shave. Infused with aloe vera, it soothes skin as it eliminates burning, redness and reduces irritation.


Aim it

Look in the mirror as you would shave normally. Center the neck razor along your hairline on the back of the neck.

Shave it

Holding each grip, easily glide down to shave the back of your neck. Realign along the hairline and repeat on your right and left side of the neck. Rise the razors clean as needed.

Claim it

Apply aftershave to complete a smooth, barber-fresh neck shave. No irritation, no redness, and no assistance needed.


The best razors are travel-friendly. The LVL Shave razor goes the distance and is designed to be quick and easy to use. It’s travel case makes it easy to drop in your toiletry case when you’re packing with moments to spare. And don’t worry about it setting off any alarms with TSA, it’s safe to keep in your carry-on.


Constantly trying to jet out the door in the morning? Shower shaving is an easy way to save a few minutes. Keep the LVL Shave neck razor handy in the shower for when you feel those neck whiskers.

LVL Shave Tip
Stick as close to the natural hairline as possible—shaving into the hairline will result in an undesirable effect as the hair grows out.



How do I use this?

It's easier than you think! Check out our tutorial video here and most questions are answered in less than 2 minutes.

How often do I need to shave my neck?

Most of our customers find that once a week is sufficient, however, to each their own. Some people just go for dolphin-smooth all the time and shave more frequently.

Do I use this to "carve out" my neckline?

Um, no. Most of the time that does not look natural. There’s a reason the 1980’s had some of the worst haircuts of all time! Most professional men have ‘natural neckline’ that fades off on the neck which is why we recommend starting your swipe just below the neckline. The thick neckline of the hair is not usually the problem for most men. It is the stragglers just below it and down the neck that are.

How do I know it is even in the back?

Simply by lining up the device behind your neck you will be able to level the device by looking in the mirror just as you would to ensure anything else is in place. The device is symmetrical and can be seen on both sides of the head when looking in the mirror to ensure you may level the device accordingly. FYI guys, most natural necklines fade off on the neck anyway which makes this even easier. The tutorial video here really helps with this too.

How often should I change out my razor strip?

We recommended every 3-4 weeks if used once per week. You should be good with our 3 month supply for….3 months believe it or not. Drying the strip is always recommended as well.

What kind of razors can be attached?

Due to our patent-pending design all razor blades are supplied by LVL Shave Co. Many different razors were tested during the development of the product and we have done our best to focus in on the highest quality Swedish Stainless Steel blades that bring the best value and shave to the customer.

I have sensitive skin, how should I avoid razor burn?

Like most other shaving products you will use we recommend to prep the area first by applying water and our Prep lotion or shave cream of your choice. Letting it sit for even 30 seconds to a minute can make a big difference in a shave. Once shaven, simply rinse the area and apply the Finish lotion or aftershave of your choice right away to avoid irritation.

How long will it take to receive my product?

Processing is quick! Most orders are received within 3-5 business days.

Can I travel with this?

Yes! That’s why we designed it this way and gave you a travel case! Simply pop off your handles, throw the razor strip in the breathable anti-microbial travel case, and you will find they both fit conveniently in your toiletry bag. When designing this product this was important. Guys who travel on work need to travel with their Neck Razor, so we bought about 12 toiletry bags to make sure it would fit in almost anything someone would buy…it did. In addition, the razors are disposable razor cartridges like any other TSA approved cartridge.

Return Policy?

30-day money back guarantee and a personal customer consult also available to assist, so no worries. Sometimes it’s not that something is not for you…but just not understood! For guys who still want to have a smooth neck- set up a free consult and we will reach out on your schedule to personally assist since we understand this is a totally new way to shave. Have a beer, and let one of our pros walk you through it. Soon you will be able to shave your neck with no mirror at all. If only a return is an option simply shoot us a quick email to Return(link to this) and we will be in touch asap to help. Returns are only applicable to orders placed on