How long until I receive my order?

Processing is quick! Most orders are received within 3-5 business days.

Here’s how it works: You place an order online, then we process it. Your package will ship out from our warehouse in 1 business day. Orders placed on weekends and holidays are shipped the following business day.

Is there a shipping fee?

Yes, we offer free shipping on any order over $15.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the US. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you ship to military addresses?

Thank you, on behalf of LVL Shave Co., for your courage and service to this country! We proudly accept most armed forces addresses, although shipping times may vary. Just follow the regular checkout process and enter your appropriate APO/FPO/DPO address in the shipping section.


Return policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. To be eligible for our money-back guarantee, we ask that you please schedule a personal customer consultation to address any issues you may have with the neck razor. If after the consultation you decide that the neck razor isn’t for you within 30 days of your purchase day - no sweat. We understand that it’s not for everybody and will be happy to accept returns for a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

Returns are only applicable to orders placed on lvlshaveco.com. To schedule a personal consultation, please email us at info@lvlshaveco.com.

What’s the deal with the personal consultation?

We know this is new to most, so we’re offering a free consultation to all customers. Simply email us at info@lvlshaveco.com and we’ll schedule you a time with one of our pros to personally walk you through it. Soon you will be able to shave the back of your neck with no mirror at all!

What if I bought my gear from somewhere else (i.e., Amazon)?

Not a problem! If you purchased our products from one of our trusted partners, they're covered under our 30-day warranty -- just be sure to hold onto your receipt/order confirmation. That being said, purchasing items from a 3rd party, such as eBay, will null and void the warranty.


How do I use the Neck Razor?

We’re glad you asked! We prepared a video to help answer that very question! Check it out here.

How often do I need to shave my neck?

Most of our customers find that once a week is sufficient, however, to each their own. Some people just go for dolphin-smooth all the time and shave more frequently.

Do I use this to "carve out" my neckline?

Um, no. Most of the time that does not even look natural. There’s a reason the 1980’s had some of the worst haircuts of all time!

Most professional men have a ‘natural neckline’ that fades off on the neck which is why we recommend starting your swipe just below the neckline. The thick neckline of the hair is not usually the problem for most men. It is the stragglers just below it and down the neck that are.

How do I know it is even in the back?

Simply by lining up the device behind your neck you will be able to level the device by looking in the mirror just as you would to ensure anything else is in place. The device is symmetrical and can be seen on both sides of the head when looking in the mirror to ensure you may level the device accordingly. FYI guys, most natural necklines fade off on the neck anyway which makes this even easier. The tutorial video here really helps with this too.

How often should I change out my razor strip?

The lifespan of our blades will vary based on your hair type, shave schedule, and blade care habits.

On average, we recommended every 3-4 weeks if used once per week. You should be good with our 3 month supply for... 3 months believe it or not. Drying the strip is always recommended as well.

What kind of razors can be attached?

Due to our patent pending design all razor blades are supplied by LVL Shave Co. Many different razors were tested during the development of the product and we have done our best to focus in on the highest quality Swedish stainless steel blades that bring the best value and shave to the customer.

I have sensitive skin, how should I avoid razor burn?

Like most other shaving products you will use we recommend to prep the area first by applying water and any shave cream of your choice. Letting it sit for even 30 seconds to a minute can make a big difference in a shave. Once shaven, simply rinse the area and apply aftershave of your choice right away to avoid irritation.

Can I recycle my LVL Shave Co Razor?

Our packaging, handles and strips are recyclable, so we hope you'll take full advantage of that. 

Blade cartridges, being composed of multiple materials, are a bit trickier to recycle efficiently. We don't have a process for recycling them right now. But it's definitely a topic that's on our minds, and we welcome all suggestions. If you have any ideas, shoot us an email at info@lvlshaveco.com.

Where is your product made?

The neck razor itself was designed and is made in Georgia! Just north of Atlanta actually. We currently assemble with razors and ship out of the Raleigh, NC area.

Are your blades and handles compatible with other brands?

Nope! Our blades are designed to only fit with our neck strip, and vice versa.

Can I travel with the LVL Shave neck razor (is it TSA approved)?

Yes! That’s why we designed it this way and gave you a travel case! Simply pop off your handles, throw the razor strip into the breathable anti-microbial travel case, and you will find they both fit conveniently in your toiletry bag. When designing the product, this was important.

Guys who travel for work need to travel with their neck razor, so we bought about 12 different toiletry bags to make sure it would fit in almost anything someone would buy…it did. In addition, the razors are disposable razor cartridges like any other TSA-approved cartridge.


How can I change or cancel my order?

Email our team ASAP so we can try to make any changes to your order. We strive to get orders shipped out as quickly as possible, which means we may not be able to catch your order in time to adjust or cancel it. If the order has not already been shipped out, we'd be more than happy to get the items of your choice swapped or removed.