Welcome to LVL Shave Co.'s Happy Shaver Affiliate Program!

A 30 second signup allows anyone to promote our product and receive a 10% residual compensation. This has worked out great for customers that have followings online and through other networks that they can easily spread the word to. All Barbers especially, please let us know when you sign up! As you know we encourage our customers to NOT skip their barbers :)



Like a lot of small companies in the beginning we grew through our friends. We created a small affiliate marketing program to help get our name out there.  This took time.  After people finding out what we have really works (some were shocked), the bigger publications gave us a boost.  Our product has now been featured in GQ, AskMen, Popular Science, and Mashable amongst 10+ others.  

We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and know you will be pleased with partnering with us as a brand ambassador. I made this product so my wife would not have to shave the back of my neck anymore. After several exhausting years (and a long co-vid delay), now everyone can benefit. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program please feel free to contact us.

We are seeking brand ambassadors who will promote through blogging, social media and other grassroots marketing. Affiliates are NOT permitted to bid on our branded terms, including any variation of  'LVL Shave Co'.