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Hair has a mind of its own. If you weren't convinced of that before, three months without barbershops must have gotten through to you. But while you can trim the hair on your head or on your face easily enough, dealing with pesky neck hair has always been a bit more difficult. That is, until LVL Shave Co's Ultimate Neck Groomer came along.

This personal neck groomer is designed to help you shave the back of your neck for a quick, fresh cleanup without having to go to the barber. The lightweight groomer has three interconnected razor strips and two plastic handles giving you complete dexterity while navigating around sensitive parts of your neck. It glides and shaves smoothly along the back of your neck with or without shaving cream while making quick work of awkward angles and tight spots. When you're done, it conveniently snaps apart and slips into your travel bag with ease. The neck groomer even comes with prep and aftershave lotions for a more complete shaving experience.

Don't let your neck hair get out of control. LVL Shave Co's Ultimate Neck Groomer lets you get cleaned up without having to go to the barber. Get it on sale today.